To be good at anything you have to have passion.
Whether its your livelyhood or a simple hobby, without passion its
just spinning your wheels. You work so you can play to your passion
on the weekends. I'm no different.

My passions have changed throught the years though,
early on it was bicycle racing, 75-100 miles a day for training -- I was
dedicated for about 7 years, and in really, really good shape.  Then I tried Golf -- I wasn't that passionate about it (just spinning my wheels). Then cars, specifically BMWs, back when they were not that common. When you came across another you flashed your lights to acknowledge them. This passion stuck, a
nd what comes with it is a need to push your car faster and faster.
Speed wasn't the only thing about the Brand that intrigued me, initially it was and still is the styling, both inside and out. Guess thats the designer in me talking, there was a balance to the cars,
clean lines, great ergonomics, before ergonomics was a buzz word. I still like everything about the brand, just ask my wife (got her into BMWs also) But, its still the styling that gets me. As for the speed/handling aspect of it, well lets just say I like the track, or challenging roads.
I'm not a track junkie by any means -- its an expensive passion to have, but I like to get
out every once and a while and see what I can do, with an instructor of course.

My other passion? My livelyhood. Design. I touched on it in the
section above, talking about the asthetics of the BMW. Color, Balance, Fonts, Imagery and Technology have made this the best field I could have ever asked for.